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After chatting that afternoon, I found he to be totally funny and smart and beautiful and I became instantly attracted to her and both of us found an immediate connection with each other, which was just heaven for me as usually I never feel this way on dating sites since I always have to lie & play a male role when chatting with women.I had plans later that evening so we decided to chat again the next day. After my plans with friends had fallen thru, I jumped back on & started chatting again with her & we both felt that instant connection getting even stronger.

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Anyhow, one thing led to another & she & I ended up having cyber sex with each other, which I surprisingly enough, had kind of started with an innocent remark I had mant to be flirty.

This is the first time I have ever had sex online like this, just typing words on a screen but it felt like sooo much more when it was happening, my body was actually responding to what she would say & I was very, very aroused & affected by the whole experience.

Afterward, we both said good nite & signed off for the nite. IDK why I feel like this but I am really anxious and find myself just wanting to talk to her again as soon as I can, not for the sex but for that amazing connection we first felt.

I want to get to know her even more & spend even more time with her, but she hasn't been on since.

OK, so I am trangendered (female but born male & I identify myself as a lesbian) and I've been on EC for a while so I'm hoping people can help me with what I'm feeling right now. Due to the nature of being transgendered, dating is an uncomfortable thing for me.

I'm not out & I live in a very redneck area, so being able to date another girl the way I would feel close to normal just isn't possible.Online dating has never really worked for me in the past but, a few days go I decided to take a chance & sign up on a transgendered dating site. She is this totally amazing transgendered woman on the other side of the Atlantic and she friended me after I has viewed her profile.Yesterday afternoon (my time), we started to chat & found that we had o much in common, except that she is totally out and even works in an on-air radio DJ job as being female.I know it's probably nothing, she is a few time zones over from me and she does have a job as well, so I've definitely considered all of these factors in why I haven't heard back from her yet.I guess my questions here are was having sex this way normal or something that is really normal to do with someone either that you've just met or someone that you know, or am I totally being a freak for having done this.My next question is is it possible to have sex like this and feel like it was so real and feel this way afterward as if I'm just waiting for her to call almost?

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