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Jack never fails to score, while poor Lenny always strikes out and ends up watching. First, though, he teases her with erotic performances with his other girlfriends.

Poor Marlene can only listen to his dirty talk, and fantasize it's her that he's talking to.

Finally, Jack has Marlene so frustrated she's ripe for his delightfully dirty language.

The effect is immediate and total -- Marlene explodes into arousal and, oblivious to everything else, drags him to her bedroom for an electrifying display of lovemaking that exceeds even his wildest hopes!

Universally acclaimed as the late great fornication filmmaker Sam Weston's crowning achievement, TALK DIRTY TO ME ranks in my personal top 5 for the director, forever vying for top spot – according to my mood at any given time – with the likes of SEX WORLD, NOTHING TO HIDE, EASY and THE DANCERS.

Unusually taking a male buddy relationship, clearly patterned after John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men (sans tragic denouement), as its focal point, TALK inspired a ton of sequels as well as spin-offs.

Producer Jerry Ross owned the rights to the title and therefore instigated the official series, the subsequent installment of which was crafted by the original's editor Tim Mc Donald.

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