What not to do when first dating

Even if she wants to look stylish, modern and contemporary, most of the retail stores feature styling best suited to women under 34 years old. versions of “What Not to Wear” feature a number of mature women over 45.If the only examples you see out there are for women 10 years your junior, how can you learn to dress classy and alluring for a first date? The women all had to learn to let go of their young pulchritude and no longer dress as a teenager.The British team used the phrase, “Mutton dressed as lamb,” to succinctly summarize the problem of mature women dressing too young.

Bubble gum pink may be your favorite color, but after 50 years old, you’re better suited to wear it as an accessory rather than a wardrobe piece.

Yes, some of you can rock some stylish outfits if you are petite and willowy. If you’re a regular reader of my relationship blog, you know that I suggest to women to wear skirts or dresses for a first date.

The majority of mature women would be better served to aim for outfits that focus on sophistication and style rather than cute or girlie looks. Emphasizing your femininity with a skirt stresses to your date that you are a confident woman who is comfortable being so in the 21st century.

Then her clothes place the emphasis on her face and figure, making her look fabulous and alluring. If you’re looking online and at the stores, you might be feeling a bit frustrated at the selection out there.

Many of the dresses are targeting very young women.

The majority of fashion is created with young women under 32 years old in mind. First, take a look at some of the knee-length “mother of the bride” dresses.

Many of the modern mothers of today’s brides want to look good, so the bridal industry has come out with dresses and gowns emphasizing a mature woman’s alluring attributes.

If you’re anything like me, you’re a fan of the popular TV show “What Not to Wear” and are even starting to mourn after the series finale.

Many modern professional women are so busy with their careers that they never learned how to develop a fashion style when they were in college or graduate school.

Now the challenge is the vast majority of fashion magazines and TV shows only feature women who are under 42 years old, if not still in their 20s.

Where is a mature woman in her 50s and older going to go to get some style and image examples to model herself after?

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