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On the day of our meeting in New York City in 2011, it was the sea trapped in Dale’s eyes that we found most striking—blue eyes that harden, twinkle and melt as he recounts intimate stories.

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You’re known for taking on the darker films and testosterone-driven TV shows. I try to do the lighter stuff, but they won’t cast me.

I did last year with James Mc Avoy and Robin Wright, which Robert Redford directed.

Avy said there were two roles in mind for me, so I could read the script and choose the one I liked.

He knows I have a long history of cancer in my family. I was talking to a good friend of mine who went on 700 calories a day to lose weight for a role. I’ve been eating a lot of vegetables, chicken, fish, nuts and berries. If you drop a line, there’s no safety net and you messed up big time! Some actors are really good at that, but I still struggle with it. I met with Steve the following day and got the job halfway through our meeting.

I’ve watched people pass around me, including my own mother. Steve will come up to you and say, “I don’t like the dialogue. I spent a lot of time trying to make Michael laugh during the shoot and I got him to laugh once. I looked over at the casting director—Avy Kaufman has been a great friend and supporter of mine for the past ten years in New York—and she was shocked.

It’s an important role to me because there are personal things that I wanted to work out for myself. I left immediately because I didn’t want to say something stupid.Ultimately, Robert said the role is mine if I lose the weight, so here I am fifteen pounds lighter! If he can make a decision that quickly, he can change his mind just as fast.There’s this great moment in the script where Denzel ends up in the hospital after a plane crash and a cancer patient talks to him about luck versus fate, God, being present in your life and taking things for granted.I was immediately attracted to this role, but they told me I wasn’t right for it.I told them I would read for the role they originally wanted me for if they give me a shot at the cancer patient role and they agreed. I tried it, but noticed that my level was at about 1,200 calories a day. Actors that emerge from the English drama system have a different work ethic. It was a little daunting because I play the obnoxious guy to Michael’s quiet guy.Robert Zemeckis is directing it and we shared long conversations about this part. If I run six miles every day, I burn 1,200 calories and I’m at zero. Michael is one of the most focused, consistent and present actors out there. You literally show up on set to shoot five pages and Steve Mc Queen doesn’t do any coverage. If we’re sitting here talking, he has a camera way over there by that van and comes up with this crazy angle—this is how the entire scene plays out.

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